Is Your Los Angeles Roof Ready For Winter?

The season of winter is now here Theirs  a lot. And as you plan how to adjust many other aspects of your life, such as your food, outdoor activities, and heating, you should not forget about your roof as well. Your roof is the most susceptible part of your house during winter. Read on to learn more.

What damage can winter rain cause to my roof?

  • The damage left in a storm’s wake can involve lost shingles and moisture penetration in the underlayment.

How can I identify common roof problems?

Call A Roofing inspector for appointment.


This happens because of the roof’s exposure to environmental elements such as rain, heat and light.  It could also be occasioned by pollution from industries. The most visible sign of weathering is discoloration of roofing elements which could be caused by algae. Weathering also happens when tiles start to break away from the roofing structure.

Uneven or flat roof

Uneven roof structures or poor sloping of the roof will give room for sediments and rain water to accumulate on the roof and thereby damage it. Flat roofs also pose a challenge during the rainy season because they allow water to just sit on the roof and this makes it harder for leaves and other debris to be blown off. This would then result in rotting of the roof.

Roof detachment

If you notice that the roof is ripped off from the walls, it is important to ensure that it gets fastened back to the structures so that it can withstand the forces from strong winter winds.

What are the preventative measures to take for your roof before winter rains?

  • Have periodical roof inspection preferably before winter season checks in. The frequency of the inspection should be determined by factors such as the type of roof, the age of the roof, and the condition of the roof.
  • Always have periodical cleaning and repair of gutters and downspouts.
  • Organize for the replacement of any missing or broken shingles in your roof.
  • Make sure the downspouts are at least some few feet from the foundation so that the water doesn’t drain in your premises or seep into the foundation.
  • Organize for pruning of branches that hang over or very close to your roof.
  • Besides the roof, also inspect the walls around the roof and organize to repair any cracks so as to have a stress-free winter.

How do I make sure my roofing is ready for the winter rain?

It is recommended to have your roofing inspected twice a year by roofing experts who are able to pick out any weaknesses or challenges that may need to be addressed. Top Roofing has a pool of experts who have built their experience for over 25 years. They can assess all aspects of your roof to ensure it is able to maintain its integrity over winter. Contact us today and will give you advice and solutions to prolong the lifespan of your roof.