How to identify bathroom mold in the bathtub and what it looks like

Spotting mold on your bathtub caulking, shower wall tiles or sink is easy to recognize because it’s ugly and stands out like a sore thumb. However there are many types of mold that can grow in bathrooms and unfortunately, not all mold can be seen. Often times, when people are remodeling their bathrooms, they are shocked to discover bathroom mold growing beneath their wallpaper and underneath their bathroom carpet.

Is bathroom mold dangerous and can it make you sick?

While most types of mold are not life threatening for healthy people, it can cause health problems for those with weakened immune systems, people with asthma, babies and the elderly. Exposure to black mold especially can lead to immediate or delayed reactions. Some symptoms and reactions may include dizziness, respiratory issues, flu-like symptoms, body aches, skin rashes, seizure, sinusitis, fungal infections of the lungs, depression, irritability, coughing and more.

– Tom / GMT Dream Builders

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